Q: The Path Keeper is a multi-layered tale of fate and past lives told from many different characters’ point of view. How did you come up with the concept?
A: I love the idea that before we are born we have already chosen ‘The One’, the person that makes sense for our specific life…but that we may also have a Soul Mate. Can you be in love with two people at once? I also wanted to explore the complicated concept of love – from friendships and relationships, to family dynamics. It’s also fun putting controversial twists on predictable and traditional tropes.

Q: Who will enjoy reading The Path Keeper?
A: The Path Keeper is a mix of esoteric fantasy and historical romance. I’ve received great reviews from readers of all ages that have enjoyed being swept away by the romance and page-turning thrills of the story (although there are swear words and sex scenes, so it’s not a book for kids!). If you believe in miracles and the power of love, and want to lose yourself in the gritty streets of London or the wild mountains of Spain, then The Path Keeper Series is for you!


Q: What do you think people will learn from The Path Keeper?
A: I’m not out to teach anyone a moral lesson or preach, in fact what I find fascinating about being a writer is how every person takes something different away from my stories. It was the same when writing the book, I had one idea in mind and then the characters ran off and started doing their own thing. It was important to me that I had a strong female protagonist, but one that was also vulnerable and had flaws and imperfections. I wanted to write a story that stayed with the readers a long time after putting down the book, a story that made them question themselves and what they thought they already knew. So if my readers learn anything, it’s that nothing is black and white.

Q: You touch upon a lot of taboo subjects in your books. How do you deal with the fact that some people may get upset?
A: It’s part of being a writer, you can’t please everyone. But I do urge everyone to remember every single thing in the book is made up. Of course I did a lot of research when referring back to historical dates or places, but everything I mention in terms of religion was added to encourage people to view deep-rooted beliefs in a different way. I like to get people thinking, and surprise them. So don’t take the book too seriously!

Q: Can we look forward to any more adventures with Zac and Ella?
A: Absolutely! This is just the beginning. I’m afraid the first book in the series, The Path Keeper, won’t give you a nicely tied up ending. My love stories are, much like real life, never easy and will leave you wanting – but you won’t have to wait too long. Book two, Son of Secrets, is out 28 May 2020. In the sequel we discover more about Zac’s beginnings and how he and Ella first met. We also get to meet Luci, one of the most enjoyable characters I have ever created. No one is going to forget her in a hurry! Children of Shadows is the last book in the series and planned for release in May 2021.

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