What is your brand’s story? What are your values?

Are you communicating them effectively through everything you do?


Learn how to use the power of storytelling to strengthen your brand!

Rebel offers one on one training, lectures and seminars teaching you how to strengthen your brand through storytelling. Build on your key values and discover how to communicate and connect effectively with those who matter. 

Combining consumer psychology, creative storytelling, and marketing analytics, you will learn how to build your brand in a way that speaks to your audience…and get results!



Who are you and how do you wish to be perceived?


Who are you speaking to and why should they listen to you?

applying creative storytelling to your brand

What story are you or your brand currently telling? Are you communicating more than one story and confusing your audience? How can you stand out and be heard?

archetypes & trends

What is the fundamental framework of your business? How can you use Jungian psychology and trend mapping to analyse who you are and what your audience wants?


Where are you going and what is waiting for you?


Working With The Very Best Creative Brands Around the World

A message from Natali

The importance of stories

I’ve worked in marketing, communication, and branding since 1997. In that time how we communicate has changed a lot, but one thing that always remains the same is the power of storytelling.

As a brand consultant and fiction author I’ve combined my two passions with my business, Rebel Storytelling & Consulting. Through my consultancy, I work with innovative and creative brands to strengthen their message and identity

Via one on one consultations, mentoring, seminars, lectures, and online lessons I can help you do the same.



Tailor-made consulting and classes to suit your needs, your brand, and your students

Self Branding

Learn about the importance of key values and how to communicate your brand effectively while getting results!

How to Sell Without Selling

No one likes to be sold to. Discover how to reach your market organically and effortlessly.

The Power of Storytelling

It may be a buzzword today, but storytelling has been around forever. How can you learn from the past to shape your brand for the future?

The Key To Creative Productivity

In order to succeed in the creative world you must keep producing. Learn how to increase your productivity and become a prolific creator.

Resilience and the Artist

Rejection is part of the creative world, but it hurts. Discover a new way of thinking that will enable you to understand when to move on, adapt or keep going – without ever giving up.


Giving you flexibility and choice

Whether you are looking for a guest speaker or a private consultant, I offer various pricing options and lesson topics. Get in touch and receive an initial ‘get to know you’ 30 minute meeting FREE. Discover how to make your brand stronger.

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